17th April 2016

Review from slave p



It is a shame that Mistress Sonia has to hide her face on her website, because she is indeed an extremely beautiful Mistress.

Mistress Sonia is based near in Wembley. There is plenty of free parking outside and it is very easy to get to from the M1 (I drove from the East Midlands).

My first impressions of Mistress Sonia when she opened the door was “Wow!”.  I actually said that when I saw her.  She is seriously beautiful from head to toe.

Although Mistress Sonia can dress in the kind of clothes worn by most Mistresses, I requested that she wore a sari. I wanted to serve an Indian Goddess. Mistress wore a stunning dark blue and gold sari with wrist, finger and foot jewellery that blew my mind.  She looked amazing.  So regal and refined.

Mistress Sonia subjected me to exactly the right amount of pain. She really is an expert – absolutely fantastic at what she does.

The session was unrushed, and Mistress Sonia enjoyed it too. She wasn’t just going through the motions, as some Mistresses do.

I had a really great time with Indian Mistress Sonia and I am looking forward to going back as often as I can.

1st April 2016

Indian Mistress in London

I am Mistress Sonia, your Indian Mistress in London.

I have a very wide range of BDSM-erotic interests, including body worship for suitably clean submissives who I deem worthy of such worship.

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